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Christie Cornwell is the new State Umpire-In-Chief for USA Softball North Carolina 

April 28, 2016 - Tony Laws, USA Softball NC State Commissioner announced the appointment of Christie Cornwell as the new State UIC for NC ASA, replacing PhilKing who retired last month. 

Christie is from Greensboro and has been a long time honored umpire in our program as well as clinician. Christie has excelled in her umpire career achieving all levels of the medals program, has become an ASA Elite Umpire, a National Indicator Fraternity member, and been inducted into the NC Softball Hall of Honor. She has worked at the highest levels of national competition as well as international championship play. She has worked numerous NCAA College World Series and now serves as the supervisor of umpires for the NCAA Old Dominion Athletic Conference.
 In the past two years she has started her own umpire training and development school called the Diamond Umpire Academy. In 2015 her academy conducted six camps attended by a cumulative total of 130 umpires. Christie wants to focus the same training and development on our ASA umpires to make them the best umpires they can be and grow our number of umpires to overcome the annual loss of umpires due to retirements, job changes, injuries, and so forth.  
 We are very fortunate that Christie has decided to devote herself to helping our umpire program. We have a very strong umpire program and she will enhance and work hard to make it even better. She has the support of many both in state and out of state leaders in the umpire profession. She is very well known in NC and nationally. We know she will have a dedicated and top notch staff to asset her across the state.
 Please help welcome Christie to our State UIC position and please give her your best cooperation in helping your and our umpire programs. 

Christie's contact information may be found on the CONTACTS page.

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2016 ASA State Championship
18U & 16U

Faces on the Field  / Player
Tyler Grissom
Faces on the Field / Umpire
Rob Bradley
Tyler has played ASA for the last seven years and is currently coaching a 14U team that is working towards playing ASA softball this fall. Tyler just graduated this spring from Apex High School and will be attending University of North Carolina-Greensboro to study physical therapy.

Family: Father-Jeff, Mother-Leandra, older brothers Chase and Cooper. 

Schools Attended and Activities: Lufkin Road Middle - softball, Apex High School - softball, Sports Medicine assistant - student trainer for volleyball, men's and women's basketball, football, softball, wrestling.
Played Softball with: Big Red, Apex Sting, Apex Express

​Why did you start playing softball?:  Both of my brothers played baseball and I always wanted to play a team sport.

Who are your role models?: 
Melinda Cowley- I love her knowledge and passion for the game. She's always willing to help and will do anything for you to be successssful. Also talking softball strategy with her is one of my favorite things to do. 

Kathy Mauer- Her love for softball is what I love. She wants more females to get involved in the sport and I love that. She's always willing to have a conversation about softball and will always answer any of my umpiring questions. She's honest and has encouraged me to succeed as both a coach and player. 

How do you make a difference on the field?: As a coach I try to set a good example by teaching girls skills they are going to use outside of softball. Softball isn't about winning and losing its about learning life lessons like sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and work ethic. As a player I make a difference by trying to be the best teammate I can be and playing my role on the team. 

Other interests: I enjoy working out, watching Netflix, and going to the beach. 

Goals: My goals as a person are to get my kinesiology degree at UNCG and then get accepted into medical school for physical therapy. 
My goals as a coach are to help as many young girls make their high school teams and hopefully someday have a girl sign to play college softball. My main goal is to make them better people off the field, so they are prepared for life after softball. 

Favorite thing about ASA: Meeting new players, umpires, and coaches and learning from them. Everyone has a different perspective on things so it's cool to see how people handle different situation. 

Best Experience: Every game. All of the friendships I have made through softball will last a life time. I've made so many memories playing softball and I can't wait to make more as a coach.

Proudest Accomplishment: As a coach would be seeing the " light bulb" click on with a player and watching them have success. 

Toughest Obstacle: Myself. I want to be perfect and sometimes I have to realize that you're not going to be great at everything. 

When you see Tyler out at the field coaching or playing let her know you saw her here on the USA Softball NC website and thank her for making a difference with the young lady ball players!
Rob has been umpiring ASA/USA for 10 years and umpired in other associations for many years prior to joining ASA. Rob currently lives in Charlotte.

Family: I have two sons. Both of my parents and I have one brother and sister. 18 neices and nephews including greats. I come from a very large family with 26 aunts and uncles of which many of them are affiliated with sports.

Occupation: I teach autistic children K-5. Formerly worked as a gang prevention coordinator. Also worked many years in corporate America.

Goals: My first goal is to be the best father I can be, then teacher and umpire. Umpiring started as a part time job, then became a hobbie, now its a way of life!

How did you get started as softall umpire?: I played competitive sports most of my life, including college sports. Being an umpire has been a way for me to stay connected with the sport after coaching for ten years.
I live it and love it!

Favorite thing about umpiring ASA/USA softball:  Traveling, meeting other umpires and seeing all the talented softball players out there.

Best experience as an umpire so far in your career: 

First it was being chosen to do an ASA state tournament last year and now I have been selected to umpire this summer at the 14U ASA/USA Nationals in Columbus, GA.

Proudest accomplishment: Again my proudest accomplishment is being selected to umpire at the 14U Nationals in 2016.

Toughest Obstacle: I don't know if I would say tough, but knowing all the rules or as many as possible and then applying the rules properly in game situations. 

What interests do you have other than softball?: I love to travel, spend quality time with my two sons. Spending time with family and going to sporting events. I also enjoy reading.

When you see Rob out at the fields let him know you saw him featured on the USA Softball NC website!